AED 1-Year Lease
AED 1-Year Lease

AED 1-Year Lease


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AED Type
Rental Fee By Duration
Enhanced Protection Upgrade (Highly Recommended) [+$639.00]
Rental Add-Ons (check all that you need)
Pediatric Electrodes [+$101.00]
Spare Adult Electrodes [+$51.00]
Waterproof Hard Shell Carry Case for AEDs [+$289.00]

This Item Qualifies For:

Free Same Day Shipping! understands that budget constraints are sometimes an unfortunate reality, but that should not keep you from your goal of placing an AED and implementing an AED Program that could save a life. Our AED Lease Program features all CURRENT, PMA APPROVED* models of AEDs.

All AEDs are outfitted with factory accessories to ensure your AED performs up to the manufacturer standards. With our yearly lease plans starting at $948 (Can be broken up into monthly payments as low as $79.00 a month) everyone can have a reliable, life-saving AED for your home, work, school or other public space.

Upgrade to our Enhanced Protection Plan for more Protection and Security. See below for more details.

Our yearly lease plans feature free shipping (both ways). 1 Cardiac Science G3 AED your choice either Automatic or Semi-Automatic. Plus…

All Accessories Included:

·       Adult Electrodes 9131 and New IntelliSense Battery

·       AED Pads and Battery Replaced for Free for Entire Lease

·       AED Ships Rescue Ready- Batteries and Pads Installed

·       Rescue Ready Kit (Includes CPR Mask, Razor, Scissors, Gauze Pads, Latex Gloves)

·       Physician’s Prescription

Our StatPads AED Program Management service also included for free!

·       Medical Direction and Physician Oversight

·       Accessto RescueStat, our customized online AED tracking software to track all AEDs

·       EMSRegistration/Notification

·       AED Program Guide

·       AED Event Review and Report by Stat PADS Medical Directors

·       Customer Support available to answer AED Program questions

·       Contact information for the purchase of replacement components for the AEDs

Upgrade to the Enhanced Protection Upgrade and receive:  

·       Alarmed Wall Cabinet

·       AED Signage Kit (Includes 3D AED Sign, AED Cling Sign and AED Inspection Tag)

·       AED Remote Monitoring with AED Sentinel (Automated Remote Monitoring with intuitive alerts and reporting. 24/7 automated alerts when AED Cabinet Door is opened, AED Ready or service required, alerts when PADS and Batteries are needing replacement.

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