AED Recycle Program

Participate In Our AED Recycle Program


We are equally as passionate about the environment as we are saving lives! That’s why we offer our customers an option to help recycle old and outdated AEDS. By participating in's sustainable recycling program you can recycle your AEDs, AED batteries, and AED electrodes free of charge.

Your AED and AED accessories will be disposed of according to state and federal guidelines through an authorized recycling facility.

Recycle Program Products:

AED Units: AEDs contain electronic parts such as circuit boards which need to be properly recycled and disposed of.

AED Batteries: Non-rechargeable AED batteries are considered hazardous waste material.  The batteries contain lithium sulfur dioxide and need to be recycled.

Use ground transportation when shipping batteries and ensure that they do not touch.  Place batteries in a plastic bag to avoid connection.

AED Electrodes/Pads: Pediatric AED electrodes use an ‘attenuator’ to reduce the shock delivered to the patient. This attenuator contains a circuit board which needs to be recycled properly.

The adult AED electrodes are made of a non-hazardous material and can be disposed of as normal waste.

To get started with our AED Recycle Program, follow this simple process:

1.      Contact us at [email protected] or call us toll-free 1-844-771-4AED (4233).  Let us know which AED items you wish to recycle and provide your contact information.

Although most AED items are recycled at no charge, there could be a processing fee for certain items.

2. will assign a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number to include in your shipment and to be marked on the outside of each box being sent.

3.      Pack the AED items in a suitable shipping package. When shipping batteries use ground transportation only and ensure contacts do not touch. 

Address and Ship package to:
Recycle (RMA#XXXXX)
66 Franklin Street
Norwich, Connecticut 06360

NOTE: Customers are responsible for the cost of shipping materials and shipping costs.

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