AED Rental - Weekly
AED Rental - Weekly

AED Rental - Weekly


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Pediatric Electrodes [+$101.00]
Spare Adult Electrodes [+$51.00]
Waterproof Hard Shell Carry Case for AEDs [+$289.00]

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Need an AED for an event in case of an emergency? offers AED rentals, a low-cost alternative to buying a brand new AED. Reserve an AED for the timeframe you need. 


The Cardiac Science G3 Semi-Automatic or Automatic is the AED of choice for rentals. This is based on the reliability and frequency of the self-testing that ensures the AED is in rescue ready condition at all times.

AED Rental Package Includes:

  • Your choice of a Semi-Automatic or an Automatic Cardiac Science AED
  • The G3 Semi-Automatic requires the rescuer to push a button during the rescue while the G5 Automatic automatically delivers a shock to the patient
  • 1 Soft Carry Case
  • 1 Battery
  • 1 Set of Adult Electrodes (Pediatric electrodes are available for an additional cost)*
  • 1 Rescue Ready Kit

*Pediatric Defibrillation Pads provide reduced defibrillation energy and are intended for use on infants or children up to 8 years old, or up to 55 lbs (25 kg)

CPR/AED training is required for AED use, laws vary by state

All rentals, regardless of days rented, require an initial payment of $575.00 at the time of booking, which will be handled as a deposit. Your rental fee will be deducted from the deposit, and the difference will be returned once we receive the AED and assess any damage above normal wear-and-tear. Additional charges may apply, as outlined below:

  •        Cost may be deducted from your deposit for excessive physical damage (dents, tears, etc.).
  •       Cost may be deducted from your deposit for any functional damage.
  •      Cost may be deducted from your deposit for missing or used pads, missing or exchanged batteries (noted by serial number), or missing or damaged cases.

Transit times will not be charged against you. Charging period will begin as scheduled (even if the AED arrives ahead of time) and end once the AED is shipped from your location.

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