The Benefits of Having an AED in The Home

Posted by Kimberley Falk on 4/15/2020 to 0 Comments
The Benefits of Having an AED in The Home

Cardiac arrest is a silent predator that doesn’t discriminate on who and what age its 475,000 deadly victims will be each year in America. That’s one person every two minutes! An automated external defibrillator (AED) can be the determining factor between life and death when you or a loved one goes into SCA (sudden cardiac arrest)  - especially when every minute is critical in the chances of survival. As each minute passes by before the administration of an AED, the chances of survival decreases by 7 - 10%.

It’s easy to assume that SCA is more likely to happen in hospitals, at work, or in huge event venues. In fact, almost 70% of all out-of-hospitals cardiac arrests happen at home. If that’s not reason enough to persuade you that it’s essential to have an AED at home to increase the chances of survival after SCA, there are other benefits to keep in mind:

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