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We  our customers and we want to show you the love! That's why we created two great loyalty reward options. Both have great benefits and allow you to earn rewards on almost EVERY purchase!! The more you shop, the more you earn and the more FREE Stuff you get!! Both programs include a subscription to our newsletter packed with great information and value added coupon. Plus with our Stat Elite Membership, you will not just earn points but you'll receive FREE Two Day Shipping on all orders over $750.00 & Free Standard Shipping on all orders under $99.00. The benefits don't stop there. Members of the Stat Elite Program also have a 1 YEAR Stat PADs AED Program Management Subscription covering up to one AED! Joining either program will help you and or your organizer save money while helping you to more easily purchase tools and equipment that save lives. That makes you a least in our book! There are great benefit to each program. See the details below to determine which option is best for you or your organization. 

Stat Rewards:  

This is our FREE Loyalty Rewards Program. With Stat Rewards you will earn: 

One (1) Reward Point for Each $ (Dollar) you spend! 

Easy math! You spend $100.00 you receive 100 Points, it's that simple!! The reward points are accumulated in your account and NEVER expire. Once you have accumulated enough points to make your desired purchase, simply login to your account and down under the rewards section click redeem. It's that simple. Once signed up, you will earn points on every single purchase regardless of value on every item (excluding gift cards, or the Stat Elite Membership) 

Signing up couldn't be easier! Simply click Join Now!

Stat Elite Membership:  

This is our PAID Loyalty Rewards Membership Program. It's our version of Amazon Prime. The program consists of Three levels to fit your needs. We offer Stat Elite Basic, Stat Elite Ready, and Stat Elite Ready Pro. Membership Terms are 1-Year, with the exception of the Stat Elite Ready Pro which is a 2-Year Term Membership. Just like with our Stat Rewards Program you will earn reward points on EVERY Purchase. However these reward points are boosted!:

Stat Elite Basic and Ready Plans offer 1.5X the reward points earned on each sale!
Our Stat Ready Pro Membership offers 2X the reward points earned on each sale!

In addition Stat Elite Members earn 
  • FREE 2 Day Shipping on all Qualified Orders ($250.00 in value or greater) and 
  • Free Standard Shipping on all other orders regardless of value. 

Stat Elite members also enjoy savings between 5%-10% on EVERY Order, as well as MEMBERS ONLY coupons and an exclusive Newsletter. 

Our Stat Elite Ready and Ready Pro also include a 1-Year Subscription to Stat PADS AED Program Management covering 1-single AED with the ability to upgrade to cover additional AEDS at the same address / location. 

Lastly our Stat Elite Ready Pro receives all of the above mentioned benefits, plus, a voucher good for one Adult CPR/AED Course and Certificate from the American Heart Association. The certificate from AHA is valid for two years. 

As a Sign Up Bonus you'll receive a coupon goof for 15% off your first Purchase as a member!!

Sign Up TODAY to start earning points and saving money, all while helping you save lives! Click Join Now to Learn more and Sign Up!

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