ZOLL defibrillators have a distinguished green outer case that makes them easily noticeable to first-responders.  ZOLL defibrillators are used in schools, resorts, airports, police departments, and more.   


Of all the ZOLL Products, the most rugged and professional model is the Pro.  Defibrillators by ZOLL are liked for their IP55 rating and many added features.  The Pro comes with a high-resolution LCD display, and USB memory technology unlimited data storage.  The Pro is available in either Semi-Automatic or Semi-Automatic with manual override.  This model is for the more advanced healthcare customer.  


Both visual and audio displays accompany the ZOLL Plus defibrillator.  AED Plus features Real CPR Help®  which coaches the users on the proper rate and depth during AEDs/CPR administration.  This feedback tool displays a bar graph that will help the rescuer visualize the CPR being administered.  Real-time compression data adjusts to the user's rate and depth of compression. 

The ZOLL Plus has a low cost of ownership, making it attractive to those looking to save money.  The adult electrodes last five years and the lithium batteries last five years on standby mode.  The ZOLL Plus holds 10 lithium 123A batteries, which are easily accessible.  The Plus has an IP55 rating for dust and water, meaning that it can withstand various environments.



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